Welcome to Audesine

We offer a suite of electronic design services primarily in the arena of audio. We are especially fond of analog designs. No, we do not hate digital electronics or DSP (do check out our new audio DSP module). It's just that we are passionate about the beauty and minimalism of analog design, which unfortunately seems to be a fast-dying art and science.

Most of our work focuses on the design of the last mile in audio: the loudspeaker system.

Perhaps you are an manufacturer, or an audiophile, or a DIYer who wants to do a great job of your  audio system. We can help you create a first-rate design or simply help validate yours. Browse our site to find out how we can help with your design. Better still, just ask; we've provided friendly, unbiased and scientific advice to DIYers and pros from over a dozen countries in four continents, and we're happy to serve more.

"You have no idea how good your design sounds."
- Bill Laleff, Canada

"The result is breathtaking! I could not be happier with the sound stage and imaging."
- Denby Frew, Australia

"Your crossovers are truly spectacular. I believe they are what turned a mediocre project into a work of art."
- Jeff Slayton, USA

"The quality of your Tannoy HPD385A replacement autotransformers is very good."
- François Dewalque, Belgium

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